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De Fursac Men's jackets
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Beige slim fit jacket - De Fursac mens jacket 18EV3FOGG-D703/08 Men's cotton jacket 18EV3FOGG-D703/08

Slim fit jacket Beige


Sizes: 44 46 48 50 52 54 56


Carbon blue - Honeycomb slim fit jacket - De Fursac mens jacket 18EV3IDEM-JV36/35 Men's wool and cotton jacket 18EV3IDEM-JV36/35

Slim fit jacket Carbon blue - Honeycomb

Wool and cotton

Sizes: 44 46 48 50 52 54 56 58


Denim blue - Micro checked slim fit jacket - De Fursac mens jacket 18EV3IDEX-LX06/35 Men's cotton seersucker jacket 18EV3IDEX-LX06/35

Slim fit jacket Denim blue - Micro checked

Cotton seersucker

Sizes: 44 46 48 50 52 54 56


Navy blue slim fit jacket - De Fursac mens jacket 18EV3DOKY-D603/30 Men's weaved cotton jacket 18EV3DOKY-D603/30

Slim fit jacket Navy blue

Weaved cotton

Sizes: 44 46 48 50 52 54 56 58


Men's Jackets

Discreet or not so discreet, a men’s jacket will always be a remarkable indicator of style. But finding the men’s jacket that suits you best, without jarring with the climate, the context, your mood, your physique and the rules of elegance, will only work if you have a decent choice. A situation that De Fursac endeavours to reconcile here.

Whether it’s a fitted men’s jacket (Slim Fit jacket) or a slightly less fitted jacket (Regular Fit jacket), the De Fursac men’s blazers and men’s suit jackets always make discreet chic a priority over anything fancy. For separable suits, i.e. a suit with a men’s navy blue jacket, and another with a men’s black jacket, the matching trousers are to be found under the trousers section. For men’s unstructured jackets without a lining, the colours are lighter, the patterns more daring, and the sought after silhouettes a tad less strict than the business pieces. So choose a men’s grey jacket, a cotton garment for fine days, and a men’s woollen jacket for cooler months. Your look will be more relaxed for sure, but no less clever.

Developed by luxury drapers, the exceptional fabrics so carefully selected by De Fursac for their men’s jackets are unbeatable classics. As a result a wide range of men’s jackets in flannel, tweed, virgin wool, cashmere and velvet are available.

 But it’s not just about the fabric and the cut, so be sure to choose a men’s jacket that doesn’t interfere with your silhouette. Take your measurements with care, try on the perfect jacket and actually wear it for a while if you’re in a boutique, because wearing a garment is also about moving in it. A good men’s jacket is one that marries the shoulders, sketches the silhouette without paralysing it, doesn’t sit any lower than the backside, and doesn’t pull when buttoned up. The vent at the back should remain closed when you are standing. With all this in mind never hesitate to slightly alter the garment if necessary. Alterations and collections from the boutique are free of charge, outside promotional periods. 

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