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Men's headscarf violet silk De Fursac - 21HD1SAND-TR24/86 Men's headscarf De Fursac - 21HD1SAND-TR24/86

Bandana Violet


One size


Men's headscarf navy blue madder silk De Fursac - PERD2FOUL-B226/30 Men's headscarf De Fursac - PERD2FOUL-B226/30

Scarf Navy blue - rectangle print

Madder silk

One size


Men's hat violet corduroy De Fursac - 21HD2TRAP-TR42/86 Men's hat De Fursac - 21HD2TRAP-TR42/86

Cap Violet


One size


Men's tie blue silk De Fursac - 21HF2OTIE-TR14/30 Men's tie De Fursac - 21HF2OTIE-TR14/30

Tie Blue - "Flowers" pattern


One size


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