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Wear your Round neck sweater with

Fall-Winter 19/20
Men's shirt white egyptian cotton De Fursac - 19HH3OPON-OH17/36 Men's shirt De Fursac - 19HH3OPON-OH17/36

Shirt with American collar White - Royal blue stripes

Egyptian cotton

Sizes: S M L XL


Men's jacket raw blue cotton denim De Fursac - 19HM3JEAN-OX20/33 Men's jacket De Fursac - 19HM3JEAN-OX20/33

Jeans jacket Raw blue

Cotton denim

Sizes: S M L XL


Men's trousers raw blue cotton denim De Fursac - 19HP3OROK-OX20/33 Men's trousers De Fursac - 19HP3OROK-OX20/33

Denim jeans Raw blue

Cotton denim

Sizes: 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36


Fair Isle

Having first come to light in the 19th century on a small Scottish island in the famous Shetland archipelago, this polychromatic pattern had its moment of glory in 1921 when the Prince of Wales – and elegance – Edward VIII wore it in public as a cardigan. Traditionally composed of geometric forms (crosses, lozenges or hexagons) and in four colours, today it comes in an infinite variety of motifs and alternating nuances.

Fair Isle - Mens suits and clothes De Fursac

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