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Wear your Shirt with grandad collar with

Navy bleu - Floral print scarf 17ED2FOUL-JR59/30_TU - De Fursac mens scarf 17ED2FOUL-JR59/30_TU Men's silk scarf 17ED2FOUL-JR59/30_TU

Scarf Navy bleu - Floral print


One size


Blue - Floral print scarf 17ED2FOUL-JR60/30_TU - De Fursac mens scarf 17ED2FOUL-JR60/30_TU Men's silk scarf 17ED2FOUL-JR60/30_TU

Scarf Blue - Floral print


One size


White grandad collar shirt 17EH3JLUX-JH25/01 - De Fursac mens shirt 17EH3JLUX-JH25/01 Men's cotton oxford shirt 17EH3JLUX-JH25/01

Shirt with grandad collar White

Cotton oxford

Sizes: 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44


Hem gusset

A small piece of triangular cut fabric used to strengthen the side seams at the hem of a shirt. It is the sign of a quality garment, and something men should pay close attention to at the time of purchase.

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