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Wear your Tie - Regular with

White round collar shirt PERH3NAGP-E014/01 - De Fursac mens shirt PERH3NAGP-E014/01 Men's egyptian cotton piqué shirt PERH3NAGP-E014/01

Shirt with round collar and hidden placket White

Egyptian cotton piqué

Sizes: 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45


Ecru - Tone-on-tone Jacquard regular fit tie 17EF2CRAV-JR13/02_TU - De Fursac mens tie 17EF2CRAV-JR13/02_TU Men's silk jacquard tie 17EF2CRAV-JR13/02_TU

Tie - Regular Ecru - Tone-on-tone Jacquard

Silk Jacquard

One size


Sky blue micro check small french collar shirt 17EH3IGOR-F009/39 - De Fursac mens shirt 17EH3IGOR-F009/39 Men's egyptian cotton poplin shirt 17EH3IGOR-F009/39

Shirt with small French collar and hidden placket Sky blue micro check

Egyptian cotton poplin

Sizes: 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45



The French for tie, cravat most probably derives from a corruption of the word “Croat” in reference to the scarf worn by Balkan mercenaries under Louis XIII – the word denoted accessories before the regatta tie of the 19th century gave it its final form. Longer, narrower and more sober than its ancestors in lace or puffed out bows, the mother of our current ties is quicker to knot. A strong argument that will appeal to the generations of men as busy as they are elegant.

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Ottoman silk

The name of this thick Turkish silk these days denotes a ribbed weave motif of certain ties.

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