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Wear your Shirt with small French collar with

Spring-Summer 2017
Brown shoes PERLDERBY-EC02/18 - De Fursac mens shoes PERLDERBY-EC02/18 Men's polished calf leather shoes PERLDERBY-EC02/18

Shoes Brown

Polished calf leather

Sizes: 40 41 42 43 44 45 46


Navy blue - Micro design slim fit suit 17EC3ILYA-JC48/31 - De Fursac mens suit 17EC3ILYA-JC48/31 Men's wool suit 17EC3ILYA-JC48/31

Slim fit suit Navy blue - Micro design


Sizes: 44 46 48 50 52 54 56 58


Navy blue - Micro design waistcoat 17EG3DOGG-JC48/31 - De Fursac mens waistcoat 17EG3DOGG-JC48/31 Men's wool waistcoat 17EG3DOGG-JC48/31

Waistcoat Navy blue - Micro design


Sizes: 44 46 48 50 52 54 56


Burgundy - Floral print regular fit tie 17EF2CRAV-JR02/73_TU - De Fursac mens tie 17EF2CRAV-JR02/73_TU Men's madder silk tie 17EF2CRAV-JR02/73_TU

Tie - Regular Burgundy - Floral print

Madder silk

One size


Egyptian cotton

Cultivated in the Nile valley since the 12th century BC, this brilliant, solid and soft fabric has fibres twice the length of other cotton varieties. Highly absorbent it allows for the production of jackets and shirts whose dye lasts for longer than with other categories of cotton.

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A motif for the marginalised and heretics of the middle ages, for childhood, for pleasure and for business men since the 19th century, stripes are a melting pot of contradictory symbolism. Chosen well they remain an unquestionable sign of elegance.

Stripes - Mens suits and clothes De Fursac

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