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Tie - Regular Noil silk Blue grey - Two-tones herringbone

Noil silk tie,
Navy blue and ecru herringbone Jacquard,
width 7 cm,
slip stitch at interlining

Mens tie 100% noil silk
Nettoyage à sec

men's Tie 18EF2CRAV-LR57/29

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The chevron is the motif of fabrics whose warp and weft threads cross to form V-shaped ribs.

Chevron - Mens suits and clothes De Fursac

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The empress of noble fabrics, whose trade secret was jealously guarded by the Chinese for over 2500 years, silk is the only natural textile fibre whose thread is continuous. It is taken from the cocoon of the Bombyx Mori caterpillar, also called the silkworm, and its appearance varies according to the way it is woven or worked.

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