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Men's scarf navy blue wool and cashmere De Fursac - 19HD2MALA-OR51/30 Men's scarf De Fursac - 19HD2MALA-OR51/30

Scarf Navy blue

Wool and cashmere

One size


Men's scarf navy bleu wool De Fursac - 19HD2ELFA-OR52/30 Men's scarf De Fursac - 19HD2ELFA-OR52/30

Scarf Navy bleu - "Small flowers" print


One size


Men's accessory charcoal grey lambskin De Fursac - 19HD2GAN-J903/28 Men's accessory De Fursac - 19HD2GAN-J903/28

Gloves Charcoal grey


Sizes: 8 8.5 9 9.5


Men's scarf carbon blue wool De Fursac - PERD2ELFA-KR19/32 Men's scarf De Fursac - PERD2ELFA-KR19/32

Scarf Carbon blue - Polka-dots print


One size


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This unit of measurement is used to calculate the number of stitches and knitted rows on a length of 38 mm (an inch and a half). The higher the number, the finer the knit. The gauges generally range between 3 and 18.

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