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Wear your Shirt with small French collar with

Men's pocket square navy blue silk De Fursac - PERD2POCH-B222/30 Men's pocket square De Fursac - PERD2POCH-B222/30

Pocket square Navy blue - "Drip" print


One size


Men's suit grey carded itravel wool De Fursac - 19HC3OLFA-KC45/29 Men's suit De Fursac - 19HC3OLFA-KC45/29

Slim fit suit Grey - Prince of Wales

Carded iTravel wool

Sizes: 44 46 48 50 52 54 56


Men's sweater red merino wool De Fursac - 19HA2ONIT-OA02/75 Men's sweater De Fursac - 19HA2ONIT-OA02/75

Round neck sweater Red - Aran motif

Merino wool

Sizes: S M L XL XXL


Men's shoes brown polished calf leather De Fursac - PERLDERBY-EC02/18 Men's shoes De Fursac - PERLDERBY-EC02/18

Shoes Brown

Polished calf leather

Sizes: 40 41 42 43 44 45 46


Egyptian cotton

Cultivated in the Nile valley since the 12th century BC, this brilliant, solid and soft fabric has fibres twice the length of other cotton varieties. Highly absorbent it allows for the production of jackets and shirts whose dye lasts for longer than with other categories of cotton.

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Hem gusset

A small piece of triangular cut fabric used to strengthen the side seams at the hem of a shirt. It is the sign of a quality garment, and something men should pay close attention to at the time of purchase.

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