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De Fursac Mens Suits and Mens Clothing Spring-Summer 2021

Spring-Summer 2021

A new season and a new direction. From the trail of “rural Colorado” to the shores of the « French Riviera », follow the elegant journeys of this modern wanderer full of panache. So get on board without delay. Tomorrow the sun will rise again.

De Fursac Mens Suits and Mens Clothing Fall-Winter 20/21

Fall-Winter 20/21

Our lives are like films with an elusive script. And under the gaze of others, as if before a camera, we have to invent and master our appearance for every new role. Inspired by the timeless volumes and fabrics of the 1970s, De Fursac imagines beautifully flamboyant pieces ideal for making an entrance.
From an outfit in velvet to knitwear with a V-neck collar and the wide lapels of its jackets, the House brings the spirit of a decade known for its great actors and characterful silhouettes, precise lines and assumed volumes, right up to date.

De Fursac Mens Suits and Mens Clothing Spring-Summer 2020

Spring-Summer 2020

A man from elsewhere watches us. A witness from another world, he discovers elegance and its laws. For the duration of a season, De Fursac celebrates and adopts this new gaze.
Green, sky blue, chocolate: outfits in pure hues cohabit with the powerful patterns of a short-sleeve shirt or the off-white of a shawl-collared tuxedo. Like the men in their chosen exile, De Fursac thus blends the colours under the sky of the eternal summers of old. 

De Fursac Mens Suits and Mens Clothing Fall-Winter 19/20

Fall-Winter 19/20

Eternal and decisive, columns and silhouettes stand strong in the defiance of time. Between yesterday’s lines and modern impulses, De Fursac reinvents a statue in motion, in the name of an elegance that becomes a major art form.

De Fursac Mens Suits and Mens Clothing Spring-Summer 2019

Spring-Summer 2019

Caught between classic elegance and contemporary lines, silhouettes of yesterday and colours yet to come, De Fursac blurs the passages of time and remembers the beautiful days ahead. With style, and a relaxed attitude. 

De Fursac Mens Suits and Mens Clothing Fall-Winter 18/19

Fall-Winter 18/19

Just like a dance floor, the bowling alley should be approached with panache, mastery and precision. The beautiful gesture reigns supreme, and style is capital. In short, a certain notion of elegance to which De Fursac give a resolutely French accent this season. Composed of cotton moleskin trousers and double-breasted jackets worn over suits, the brand’s new collection comes in hues of khaki, honey and bronze, all in the name of pure chic in motion.

De Fursac Mens Suits and Mens Clothing Spring-Summer 2018

Spring-Summer 2018

From the stud farm to town, on horseback or foot, French elegance is a question of maintenance. A chic that’s both contemporary and timeless, that men today, as masters of their silhouettes, appropriate with De Fursac reins in hand. And at their own pace.
Poppy red polo shirts, chinos and jackets, a shawl collar tuxedo in azure blue, lightweight shirts with boat prints and darted Bermuda shorts thus make up this wardrobe for a season equipped with more style than ever.

De Fursac Mens Suits and Mens Clothing Fall-Winter 17/18

Fall-Winter 17/18

Whether on stage, behind the scenes or in the front row, every occasion requires the same elegance. Rigorous, inspiring and precise. This season De Fursac dresses and reinvents these glorious silhouettes, seen at the opera house for an evening of ballet. For those who know that the show doesn’t end when the lights go out. A velvet tuxedo with satin lapels, dusky pink flannel trousers, a double-breasted coat with a houndstooth motif, the French label develops its looks with the same horizon in mind: a certain chic that, just like dance, can be both classical and contemporary, forever timeless.

De Fursac Mens Suits and Mens Clothing Spring-Summer 2017

Spring-Summer 2017

Like a traveller coming into port still fantasising about the open seas, De Fursac dreams of faraway lands and imagines its silhouettes on exotic oceans. There where the skies are vast, where pleasure is vital and elegance obligatory.
Soft jackets in nuances of blue, three-piece suits in wool and silk, a wide-ranging palette of striped sailor tops and polo shirts: as the gentlemen prepare for their travels, the Parisian label takes care of the luggage.

De Fursac Mens Suits and Mens Clothing Fall-Winter 16/17

Fall-Winter 16/17

Good weather doesn’t end with the summer months, so De Fursac pays tribute to the men who reinvent it within their own four walls. He in the family lounge where life is sweet and ideas are clear. And he in a studio whose space is complicity elegant.
Grey develops over nuances of slate, marl or anthracite for trousers and double-breasted suits. It mingles with the warm colours of a Scottish jacquard knit, Fair Isle, all ready to temper the cooler climes around the corner. And ensures the notion of high spirited chic for every season.

De Fursac Mens Suits and Mens Clothing Spring-Summer 2016

Spring-Summer 2016

From the birth of rhythm to the very first chords, a silhouette exists as surely as a crooner’s voice on vinyl. Piece after piece, note after note, De Fursac recites its unwaveringly chic music score.

De Fursac Mens Suits and Mens Clothing Fall-Winter 15/16

Fall-Winter 15/16

The world moves at its own speed, and so does style. As a metronome of chic, De Fursac’s new collection is based on the theme of rhythm. Rigorous or laid-back elegance, new colours and new pieces for changing spirits: this season’s wardrobe is adjusted to the tempo of modern life.
So opt for a double-breasted tuxedo in wool panama and mohair, chose a jacket with a muted windowpane houndstooth motif on wool flannel, or sport a cherry red cardigan, and keep the pace up in more ways than one. 

De Fursac Mens Suits and Mens Clothing Spring-Summer 2015

Spring-Summer 2015

Every look is an edifice by which we measure beauty in the precision of its few lines. Clear, decisive and rigorous, those of the silhouette and its clothes come together here in the name of elegance invented by the architect of chic, De Fursac.

De Fursac Mens Suits and Mens Clothing Fall-Winter 14/15

Fall-Winter 14/15

Leaning against a wall in London, the man of the new De Fursac collection borrows from the chic silhouettes of 1960's spies in Her Majesty’s Service, those men accustomed to mystery but for whom style was no secret.
And because caring for his appearance is a mission of great importance, he completes it dressed in a Lanificio F.lli Cerruti “iTravel” blue wool panama suit, a houndstooth jacket with a velvet collar or a navy blue wool whipcord trench coat. 

De Fursac Mens Suits and Mens Clothing Spring-Summer 2014

Spring-Summer 2014

For this collection, conceived beneath Italian skies, De Fursac borrows Godard’s décor of Le Mépris, evoking the sun-kissed days of Capri and waking up the elegance of the 1960s, a stone’s throw from the beach.
In tribute to the New Wave, chose a lightweight suit or a three-piece ensemble in wool and silk, enjoy the fitted cuts and the olive green of a supple jacket, a cardigan or a pair of trousers with turn-ups, and make this coming summer the very chicest of wedding seasons.

De Fursac Mens Suits and Mens Clothing Fall-Winter 13/14

Fall-Winter 13/14

Summoning the ghost of Steve McQueen in Le Mans and the imagery of John Frankenheimer’s Grand Prix, this short video ties together, over a few circuit laps, the notions of speed, iconic design and timeless masculine elegance.

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