The ideal wardrobe

Because an elegant man is always so, in every circumstance, whatever the occasion, the place, the season, the humidity or temperature, here are a few recommendations to build the ideal wardrobe. Not much is missing, but you can obviously take pleasure in further enrichment. Note by Marc Beaugé.

Mens clothes & suits - De Fursac ideal wardrobe

Don’t hold back. As a first purchase, the simplest and most efficient thing to get is a navy blue, plain or caviar weave iTravel wool suit.

Elegant, sober and warm, it will go with everything and will always have its proper place. But it wouldn’t be unwise, quite the contrary in fact, to alternate it with a second ensemble, lighter, but no less elegant. As it happens we think a grey flannel or carded wool suit would fit the bill.

Then it’s also good to own a dark blazer that you can easily wear with jeans, for a more relaxed - but far from neglected – look. A trio of knits in cashmere or merino wool (a round neck, a V-neck and a cardigan), a parka and a beige or navy raincoat closes the case, guaranteeing comfort and warmth.

Welcome the arrival of warmer weather by buying a lightweight costume.

To start with opt for an essential ensemble in navy cotton; you simply can’t live without it. Next procure a striped cotton seersucker blazer and a darker unlined jacket that can be worn with two pairs of cotton chinos, one in beige and the other navy. A couple of round or V-neck sweaters will prove vital in case of inclement meteorology. And God knows these can be frequent…

However if chance is on your side, you won’t regret investing in two light-coloured polo shirts in cotton piqué, and a pair of Bermuda shorts which look perfectly good in a shade of chestnut.

Mens suits - De Fursac ideal wardrobe
Mens ready-to-wear - De Fursac ideal wardrobe

When it comes to shirts we naturally recommend choosing quality pieces, but not necessarily to the detriment of quantity.

Because remember that those who hold their heads high don’t wear the same shirt two days in a row. So, two white Egyptian cotton poplin shirts, two blue Prince of Wales check (also in Egyptian cotton) and two striped or small checked will see you through the week with elegance. And since you’ll be needing as many ties as shirts don’t hesitate to vary the pleasure and have some fun with two knitted ties, two plain weave and two patterned.

In terms of colour, navy – why not embellished with a floral print on madder silk – grey, green and burgundy are the natural choices. Denim careens through all the seasons, so complete the base of your wardrobe with a pair of slim cut Larus Miani cotton and elastane trousers.

For important evenings, it’s not worth skimping.

Get yourself a real tuxedo, which we recommend you take in black wool faille, to avoid any inconvenience. It should be completed with a hidden placket shirt in Egyptian cotton and a bow tie in black or Swiss dot black on white for the more daring.

Please note that our designs are pre-tied. Which is good news. As any man who has attempted to do their own bow tie will confirm.



To move through life on a sure footing, we suggest the acquisition of two pairs of elegant brogues (one in brown, to wear to work, and one in black, also suitable for more formal occasions) and a pair of brown derbies with a thick sole or perforated toe cap, for a slightly more relaxed look.

Finally buy one or two pairs of white sneakers for the weekend. In winter they should be in leather, and for summer, in canvas.

Mens fashion - De Fursac ideal wardrobe
Carbon blue- End-on-end slim fit jacket PERV3ILYA-F567/31 - De Fursac mens jacket PERV3ILYA-F567/31 Men's itravel wool jacket PERV3ILYA-F567/31

Slim fit jacket Carbon blue- End-on-end

ITravel wool

Sizes: 44 46 48 50 52 54 56


Carbon blue - Micro design small french collar shirt 17HH3NIKO-JH04/30 - De Fursac mens shirt 17HH3NIKO-JH04/30 Men's egyptian cotton weaved shirt 17HH3NIKO-JH04/30

Shirt with small French collar Carbon blue - Micro design

Egyptian cotton weaved

Sizes: 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45


Carbon blue- End-on-end trousers PERP3ILYS-F567/31 - De Fursac mens trousers PERP3ILYS-F567/31 Men's itravel wool trousers PERP3ILYS-F567/31

Slim fit trousers Carbon blue- End-on-end

ITravel wool

Sizes: 37 39 41 43 45 47 49


Black shoes PERLRICHE-EC01/20 - De Fursac mens shoes PERLRICHE-EC01/20 Men's calf leather shoes PERLRICHE-EC01/20

Shoes Black

Calf leather

Sizes: 40 41 42 43 44 45 46


Sky blue micro check small french collar shirt 17EH3IGOR-F009/39 - De Fursac mens shirt 17EH3IGOR-F009/39 Men's egyptian cotton poplin shirt 17EH3IGOR-F009/39

Shirt with small French collar and hidden placket Sky blue micro check

Egyptian cotton poplin

Sizes: 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45


Heather grey slim fit suit 17HC3KOBA-A505/29 - De Fursac mens suit 17HC3KOBA-A505/29 Men's wool flannel suit 17HC3KOBA-A505/29

Slim fit suit Heather grey

Wool flannel

Sizes: 44 46 48 50 52 54 56


Saffiano brown leather belt PERE2CEIN-DE03/18 - De Fursac mens belt PERE2CEIN-DE03/18 Men's calf leather belt PERE2CEIN-DE03/18

Casual belt Saffiano brown leather

Calf leather

Sizes: 80 85 90 95 100 105 110


Navy blue raincoat 17HM3KLUB-F312/30 - De Fursac mens raincoat 17HM3KLUB-F312/30 Men's showerproof technical fabric raincoat 17HM3KLUB-F312/30

Raincoat Navy blue

Showerproof technical fabric

Sizes: 44 46 48 50 52 54 56 58


Navy blue coat 17HM3EJIS-A321/31 - De Fursac mens coat 17HM3EJIS-A321/31 Men's wool broadcloth coat 17HM3EJIS-A321/31

Coat Navy blue

Wool broadcloth

Sizes: 44 46 48 50 52 54 56 58


Carbon blue - Fantasy print regular fit tie 17HF2CRAV-KR57/31 - De Fursac mens tie 17HF2CRAV-KR57/31 Men's silk tie 17HF2CRAV-KR57/31

Tie - Regular Carbon blue - Fantasy print


One size


Navy blue slim fit suit 17HC3ILDA-B570/31 - De Fursac mens suit 17HC3ILDA-B570/31 Men's itravel virgin wool suit 17HC3ILDA-B570/31

3-piece slim fit suit Navy blue

ITravel virgin wool

Sizes: 44 46 48 50 52 54 56 58


Navy blue round collar sweater 17HA2KRYS-CA03/30 - De Fursac mens sweater 17HA2KRYS-CA03/30 Men's extra fine merino wool sweater 17HA2KRYS-CA03/30

Round neck sweater Navy blue

Extra fine merino wool

Sizes: S M L XL


Chalk trousers 17HP3IKIA-E721/08 - De Fursac mens trousers 17HP3IKIA-E721/08 Men's emerised cotton trousers 17HP3IKIA-E721/08

Chino trousers Chalk

Emerised cotton

Sizes: 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50


Navy blue slim fit jacket 17HV3KOLT-KV26/31 - De Fursac mens jacket 17HV3KOLT-KV26/31 Men's wool panama jacket 17HV3KOLT-KV26/31

Slim fit jacket Navy blue

Wool panama

Sizes: 44 46 48 50 52 54 56 58


Navy blue - "Drip" print pocket square PERD2POCH-B222/30 - De Fursac mens pocket square PERD2POCH-B222/30 Men's silk pocket square PERD2POCH-B222/30

Pocket square Navy blue - "Drip" print


One size


White small french collar shirt PERH3NIKO-E005/01 - De Fursac mens shirt PERH3NIKO-E005/01 Men's egyptian cotton twill shirt PERH3NIKO-E005/01

Shirt with small French collar White

Egyptian cotton twill

Sizes: 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45


Brown shoes PERLDERBY-EC02/18 - De Fursac mens shoes PERLDERBY-EC02/18 Men's polished calf leather shoes PERLDERBY-EC02/18

Shoes Brown

Polished calf leather

Sizes: 40 41 42 43 44 45 46


Cherry - Basket weave stitch cardigan cardigan 17HA2KISS-KA05/75 - De Fursac mens cardigan 17HA2KISS-KA05/75 Men's merino wool cardigan 17HA2KISS-KA05/75

Cardigan Cherry - Basket weave stitch

Merino wool

Sizes: XS S M L XL


Raw blue trousers 17HP3IROK-KP24/30 - De Fursac mens trousers 17HP3IROK-KP24/30 Men's cotton denim trousers 17HP3IROK-KP24/30

Denim jeans Raw blue

Cotton denim

Sizes: 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35


Navy blue turtleneck sweater 17HA2KROU-KA01/30 - De Fursac mens sweater 17HA2KROU-KA01/30 Men's wool and cashmere sweater 17HA2KROU-KA01/30

Roll neck sweater Navy blue

Wool and cashmere

Sizes: S M L XL


Black slim fit tuxedo PERS3IKLY-B526/20 - De Fursac mens tuxedo PERS3IKLY-B526/20 Men's wool and mohair tuxedo PERS3IKLY-B526/20

Slim fit tuxedo Black

Wool and mohair

Sizes: 44 46 48 50 52 54 56


White wing collar shirt PERH3LUCK-T001/01 - De Fursac mens shirt PERH3LUCK-T001/01 Men's egyptian cotton poplin shirt PERH3LUCK-T001/01

Shirt with wing collar White

Egyptian cotton poplin

Sizes: 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45


Black bow tie PERD2PANO-D214/20 - De Fursac mens bow tie PERD2PANO-D214/20 Men's silk satin bow tie PERD2PANO-D214/20

Bow tie Black

Silk satin

One size


Black shoes PERLTUXED-EC03/20 - De Fursac mens shoes PERLTUXED-EC03/20 Men's patent calf leather shoes PERLTUXED-EC03/20

Oxford shoes Black

Patent calf leather

Sizes: 40 41 42 43 44 45 46


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