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Born in Paris in 1973, and setting up its first workshop Saint-Pierre-de-Fursac, the brand made its mark at the dawn of the 1980s with the launch of its first ad campaigns under the original name of Monsieur De Fursac. In town as much as on screen, where a famous 1982 advertising slot purred its incisive slogan, it became the man's label.  It was an iconic signature which in spite of not surviving the brand's evolution certainly helped establish its status as one of the main references for masculine chic.

In 1992 Monsieur de Fursac opened its first boutique in Paris at 112, rue de Richelieu (2nd arrondissement), in the former temple of 19th century French elegance, the High Life Tailor. It was decided the headquarters should also be installed here, and so they remain today.

The brand sharpened, modernised and shortened its name a decade later. It traversed the early 2000's with style in its line of fire, working with a clutch of important Italian clothiers, such as Lanificio F.lli Cerruti, who have been making exclusive fabrics for De Fursac since 2010.

Together with its collaborators De Fursac today focuses its savoir-faire and love of fine materials on creating razor-sharp silhouettes, blending yesterday's elegance with contemporary chic. The high-end pieces reflect its own reputation in their pertinence and durability.

The heart of the matter – 7 episodes

Episode 1.
N. Cerruti and E. Cohen - Conversations

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  1. N. Cerruti and E. Cohen - Conversations
  2. 1st Episode : The water at Biella
  3. 2nd Episode : The 5 A wool
  4. 3rd Episode : The dyeing
  1. 4th Episode : The spinning
  2. 5th Episode : The weaving
  3. 6th Episode : The finishing

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