Shoes Calf leather Dark brown


Dark brown calf leather oxford cap toe, Goodyear welted,

leather lining and soles.


Available in black calf leather.


Mens shoes 100% calf leather

Lining 100% leather

mens shoes PERLRICHE-EC01/18


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Smooth calfskin


Used to make high-end shoes and various other leather goods, this noble material is a “full grain” leather which retains the thick layer of skin formed beneath the calf’s epidermis (the ‘grain’ in question). Its beautiful surface, its flexibility and its resistance make it an exceptional leather that can be polished and even glazed.

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Goodyear welt


The Goodyear welt is a procedure that involves sewing a welt – a strip of leather, rubber or plastic – onto a shoe to link the different parts (the upper, the insole and the outsole), thus reinforcing it while maintaining flexibility. This method owes its name to Charles Goodwin Jr who industrialised the technique in the 19th century. But while his father, inventor of the rubber vulcanisation technique, clearly inspired the famous tyre manufacturer when naming his company, neither party is otherwise related.  

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